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Using the name fields

Enter a last name (surname) or both a first and a last name.

Searches that include a first name will match listings with that first name and also listings with an initial instead of a first name. For example, "Alan Smith" will match "A Smith," and vice versa.

Check "Exact matches only" if you want the first name to match exactly. Then "Alan Smith" will match "Alan Smith" only, and not "A Smith."

You can use either lower or upper case. The system also ignores apostrophes, so searching for "O'connor," "O'Connor," "oconnor," or "OConnor" will all return the same set of listings.

Specifying a search area

  • Nationwide: Select "Nationwide" in the State field, and don't enter a City or check "Include nearby areas"
  • In a City: Enter a City and a State, and don't check "Include nearby areas"
  • In and around a City: Enter a City and a State, and check "Include nearby areas" This will search within 15 miles of the geographical center of the City.

If you're interested in finding a business, rather than a person, try our Yellow Pages.