Newcomer Information

General Information
Area Code 816
Time and Temperature 844-1212
Time Zone Central

Driver's License
Driver Testing Facility
Hall of Waters Building
201 E. Broadway 630-0750
New Missouri residents must get a license within 30 days of establishing residency. The minimum age requirement is 16. Driving, written and vision tests are required to obtain a first-time license. If you have a valid out-of-state license, only a written and vision test is required. The cost of a license depends on the year of birth. Those born in an even numbered year receive a license for six years at a cost of $19.00. Birthdays that fall on odd numbered years receive their licenses at a fee of $10.
Missouri residents are required to carry a minimum liability insurance policy covering $25,000 for a single bodily injury; $50,000 for bodily injury to two or more individuals; and $10,000 for property damage. Also required is uninsured motorist insurance, $25,000 for a single bodily injury and $50,000 per accident.
Vehicle Inspection and Tags
County Clerk's Office 816-792-7635
Your vehicle must be registered within 30 days of becoming a Missouri resident. Your registration fee will be based on your vehicle’s taxable horsepower. Fee offices charge an additional $2.50 handling charge. To register your vehicle you must surrender your out-of-state title. A Missouri title will be issued and mailed to you or your financial institution.

     Inspection: $15.00 for two years

Most service centers, filling stations, auto repair businesses or dealerships do inspections as designated by a yellow vehicle inspection sign in front of business.

Better Business Bureau 421-7800
Area Chamber of Commerce
Liberty 781-5200
Excelsior Springs 630-6161
Richmond 776-6916
Norhtland Area 468-6722
Greater Kansas City 221-2424
Kearney 628-4229
The Excelsior Springs area offers numerous places of worship, representing many different denominations and faiths. For more information on a specific denomination and church location, please call the Ministerial Alliance, 637-2759.

In December, 1921, voters in the City of Excelsior Springs adopted the City Manager form of government, becoming the first city in the State of Missouri to formally adopt this style of governing. The City Council is made up of five members, elected at large, for terms of three years. The mayor is elected for a one year term from the five-body council. Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month in the council chambers of city hall, Hall of Waters building, 201 East Broadway, and are convened at 6 p.m.
     Mayor Jim Nelson 630-0750
     City Manager 630-0752
     Finance Department 630-0763
     Codes Administration 630-0756
     Parks & Recreation 630-1040
     Public Works 630-0755
     City Hall 630-0750
     Housing Authority 630-7361
     Senior Citizens Center 630-5955
The City of Excelsior Springs is located in the County of Clay and a small area of western Ray County. Clay County’s governing body is a three-member Board of Commissioners elected by district. County residents also elect an assessor, auditor, circuit court judges, circuit clerk, county clerk, collector of revenue, public administrator, recorder of deeds, sheriff, treasurer, and prosecuting attorney. County offices are located in the Administration Building, 1 Courthouse Square, in Liberty.
     County Office 792-7733
     Governor, Bob Holden (D) 573-751-3222
     State Rep., Gary Kelly (R) 573-751-9757
     State Sen. Ed Quick (D) 573-751-4524
     Christopher S. Bond (R) 202-224-5721
        (Local) 816-471-7141
     James Talent (R) 202-224-6154
     Sam Graves (R) 202-225-7041
        (Local) 816-792-3976

Mid Continent
1460 Kearney Road 630-6721

Birth Certificate 816-415-9190
Handicap Parking Permits
     License Bureau

Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-3676
Marriage Licenses
     County Clerk’s Office

Clay Co. Health Department 816-781-1600

Veterans Administration 1-800-827-1000

InfoKwik Web Guides 816-415-0776
The Excelsior Springs Standard
     (twice weekly) 637-6155
Town & Country Leader
     (shopper, weekly) 637-3147
Kansas City Star
     (daily) 234-4300
AM Stations
KCXL 1140 News, sports, talk
KEXS 1090 Southern Gospel
KGGN 890 Religious/talk
KMBZ 980 News, sports talk
KUPN 1480 Spanish
WDAF 610 Modern country
KCMO 710 Talk Radio
WHB 810 Sports, radio, talk
FM Stations
KCFX 101.1 Classic Rock
KCMO 94.9 Oldies
KFKF 94.1 Country
KMJK 107.3 Rhythm & Soul
KPRS 103.3 Contemporary
KUDL 98.1 Contemporary
KYYS 99.7 Classic rock
MediaCom 637-4500
KCPT Channel 19 816-756-3580
KCTV Channel 5 913-677-5555
KPXE Channel 50 816-924-5050
KMBC Channel 9 816-221-9999
KHSB Channel 41 816-932-4141
KCMO Channel 61 913-621-6262
WDAF Channel 4 816-753-4567

Animal Shelter 630-0816
Pet Licenses 630-0750
All dogs, cats and miniature pigs must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Fees for unaltered animals are $20. Altered adult male and female are $10. Delinquent fee charged after February 28. Dogs, cats and pigs must be kept behind a fence or leashed when they are away from their homes.

515 St. Louis Avenue 630-3251

Emergency 911
Fire Dept. non-emergency 630-3000
Ambulance –emergency 630-2121
Police – non-emergency 630-2000
Excelsior Springs Hospital 630-6081
Clay Co. Sheriff 792-7614
Drug Hotline 630-3784
Missouri Highway Patrol
     Road Conditions 573-526-8828
     Or 1-800-222-6400
Abuse & Rape Crisis Service
     Hot Line 573-634-4911
     Or 573-634-8346
     Or 1-800-303-0013
Poison Control (MO Regional) 1-800-366-8888

Excelsior Springs School District
100 North Thompson 630-9200
The 2002-03 school term begins August 21, 2001. Kindergarten students who did not pre-enroll and students new to the district should report to the school they will attend. Students must provide a copy of their social security number, verification of residency, birth certificate, and evidence of immunization. Transportation will be provided to students residing one mile or more from the school assignment. Any questions may be directed to the office of the school district.

Paradise Playhouse
(Dinner Theatre)
     101 Spring Street 630-3333
Ex. Spgs. Community Theater
     108 Dunbar 637-3728

The Transportation Department for the City of Excelsior Springs operates an “Omni Bus”. This bus provides a commuter-subscription service from your home to any location in town. A charter service is also available. Call 630-0754 for information.

Water & Sewer
The City of Excelsior Springs has an excellent water system, which is owned and operated by the city. The city contracts with a private hauler to provide refuse service. The fee for this service appears on your monthly water bill. Arrangements for water service may be made by calling 630-0763.
AmerenUE 1-800-552-7583
MO Public Service/Energy One 1-800-303-0752
Missouri Gas Energy 1-800-582-1234
Southwestern Bell 1-800-464-7928

Clay County Election Board
100 West Mississippi
Liberty, MO 816-415-VOTE
Voter registration is available to U.S. citizens aged 18 and older. Persons must register four weeks in advance of an election to be able to vote at that election. Voter registration may be done at Mid-Continent Library, Excelsior Springs High School, Motor Vehicle License Bureau and Clay County Election Board.