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Founders' Series

Hyder Family (Spring 2008 - )

Hyder Family Hyder Family Series began in the Spring of 2008.

Are you a Hyder? Were you born a Hyder? Do you have a Hyder ancestor?

The museum is honoring this family, an early family that helped in forming the history of our town.

Our volunteers have provided the 1880 census of Fishing River Township in both Clay and Ray counties. Come in and find your family. If you do not know your early day familys' history, perhaps we can help you determine the correct line. Members of the local genealogical society will be on hand to make family group sheets for you or lineage charts for your family.

If you have information that you would like to donate or loan for this series, please contact the museum. A locked display case will be available for the family artifacts.

A tape recorder will be available if you have a special story you remember about the history of your ancestors.

If you are unable to attend the series during the designated time, come in at a later date and enjoy seeing your familys' display.

Hyder Family History - The Idle Hour

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