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The Clay County State Bank

Clay County State Bank, exterior

(now the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives)

Clay County State Bank, interior

Chartered in 1894

101 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Standing on what was originally the Excelsior Hotel grounds (Excelsior Springs first hotel), the bank was constructed of Bedford stone and was known as one of the most artistic bank buildings in Missouri.

The Clay County State Bank building was designed in 1905 by Louis Curtiss, a noted Kansas City architect. It was completed in 1906 at a cost of $25,000 and operated as a bank building until 1968, when the Clay County State Bank built a new structure.

The building was expanded in 1918, but the appearance of the west elevation remains identical, according to historic photographs. The paintings on the upper walls of the interior were apparently added during this remodeling.

The building contains a painting on the south wall which is a copy of "The Gleaners" and one on the north wall known as "The Angelus." They are considered to be invaluable today.

The bank building was sold for $1 to the city of Excelsior Springs by the Kemper family of Kansas City in 1968 with the stipulation that it be used as a museum. It is the home of the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives.

The Clay County State Bank building is listed on the Local Landmarks Register and the Clay County Historical Register.

Clay County State Bank; Banks; Safe Deposit Vaults; Savings Banks

officers in 1917: T. E. Crawford; W. N. Pittman; W. S., Dr. Woods; Jasper Clevenger; E. L. Craven; E. H. Cravens; Hugh Wilhite

1905 W. H. Titus, President
Hugh Wilhite, Assistant Cashier
Transtact a General Banking Business
1914 Hugh Wilhite, President
Jasper Clevenger, Vice-President
M. R. Humes, Cashier
T. E. Crawford, Assistant Cashier
E. L. Craven, Assistant Cashier
Capital and Surplus $100,000.00
1916 . Resources over one half million; largest surplus and undivided profits in proportion to Capital of any Bank in State of Missouri

Hugh Wilhite, President
Wm. N. Pittman, Vice-President
Taylor Elmer Crawford, Cashier
E. Loyd Craven, Assistant Cashier
Edwin Hugh Cravens, Assistant Cashier

Samuel C. Sherwood, Bookkeeper

W. S., Dr. Woods

Jasper Clevenger

1925 . Capital $10,000; Surplus $90,000; total assets over $1,100,000
1926 Fred K. Harris, President
T. E. Crawford, Vice-President
E. H. Cravens, Cashier
S. C. Sherwood, Assistant Cashier
R. K. Tindall, Assistant Cashier
F. L. Kimber, Assistant Cashier

Directors: Fred K. Harris, W. N. Pittman, T. E. Crawford, Jasper Clevenger, Dr. W. J. James

Capital $10,000; Surplus $90,000; total assets over $1,200,000.00
1930 W. T. Kemper, Jr., President
T. E. Crawford, Vice-President
E. H. Cravens, Cashier
S. C. Sherwood, Assistant Cashier
F. L. Kimber, Assistant Cashier
T. C. Hockensmith, Assistant Cashier
Edna Eastin, Assistant Cashier

Directors: Hugh Wilhite, W. T. Kemper, Jr., Jasper Clevenger, W. J. James, T. E. Crawford

Capital $10,000; Surplus $90,000; total resources over $1,100,000
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