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What Do I Need To Do To Have A Garage Sale?

All Garage sales require a permit from the City. Members of more than one home may join in obtaining a permit for a garage sale to be held at one residence, however, individuals of more than one residence joining, to conduct concurrent sales, must obtain a garage sale permit for each residence. PERMITS SHALL BE PROVIDED AT NO FEE.

The person conducting the sale shall file a written application that may be ovtained at the Hall of Waters. or application may be mailed.

The permit shall set forth and restrict the time and location of garage sale. No more than three (3) permits may be issued to one residential premise during any calendar year. The applicant agrees to abide by all City ordinances in conjunction with the operation of the sale.

Each garage sale shall be limited to no more than the daylight hours of three (3) consecutine days. If the sale is not held due to inclement wather, another permit may be issued within 30 days form the date when the first sale was to be held. A 4th garage sale may be held if proof of ownership change of the property is presented.

Personal property offered for sale may only be displayed within the residence, in a garage, carport, and/or yard, but only such areas. No personal property shall be displayed in any public street or right-of-way.

Permit shall be posted on the premises during the time of the sale in a conspicuous place visible to the public.

It shall be unlawful for any person to sell goods that have been pruchased for resale: or from commercial businesses on a consignment basis, or not accumulated in ordinary dwelling usage.

SIGNS: Two (2) signs, not more than 4 SF shall be permitted to be displayed on the property of the residence where the sale is to be held. Two (2) signs not than 4 SF are permitted, provided permission is received, to be erected on property other than where the sale is to be held. Signs may be erected in the right-of-way, provided that the sign is placed seven (7) feet from the curb or edge of the street pavement and the height of the sign does not impede traffic visibility. Sign shall not be erected sooner than 24 hours prior to time of sale. Person obtaining permit is responsible for removing the signs. Non-conforming signs are subject to removal by City employees.

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