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Excelsior Springs Area Chamber of Commerce


"The Excelsior Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is an association of business, civic, and professional people, organized to encourage a strong local economy and quality of life, by promoting sound government and an informed membership and community. We are dedicated to economic growth, excellence in education, quality health care, job creation and retention, healthy business competition, fair regulation, and just taxation, We wish to promote the best interests and general welfare of the City of Excelsior Springs and surrounding community."


The Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce is an effective voice for the Excelsior Springs Business and Professional Community.

"Promoting the best interests and general welfare of the City of Excelsior Springs and the surrounding community"... that was the purpose of the Chamber when it was formed 70 years ago, and remains its purpose today.

Our Chamber is many things to many people: A place to get a city map. An office to call for help. A place to get lodging information. A place to call to recommend a doctor, or a business or a service. The Chamber receives thousands of inquiries each year. Inquiries about schools, housing, lodging, eating establishments, churches, service clubs and organizations, phone books, industrial information, business locations, health clubs, city services, etc.

The Chamber is proud of its services to the business community and the citizens of this area. Many member businesses find the Chamber very helpful in referring customers to them as the Chamber's referral network is designed to help businesses get a return for their investment in the Chamber.

The Chamber's membership committee is busy adding new members to the Chamber. Chamber membership is an investment, made by progressive business and professional people, who are interested in developing their business and their community. Chamber membership doesn't cost--it pays. We invite you to do business with our members. They are listed in bold print in the business directory and are also listed in the category business directory.

Each year the Chamber plays host to a number of functions that benefit Excelsior Springs. In an effort to inform and entertain, the Chamber presents its quarterly Business After Hours. Various areas in our community are highlighted at each program. Health care, education, retail sales, tourism, recreation, quality homes and housing, and jobs and industry: are just a few of the areas that have been presented at Chamber Business After Hours events.

Each year the Chamber presents a special Business After Hours in the form of a reception for our visiting Mineral Water Bowl Football Teams.

Each month the Chamber hosts a morning coffee which is held at Chamber member's businesses. This is designed to give Chamber members an informal opportunity to meet the public and showcase their businesses.

The Chamber's "Quality of Life" program includes a variety of programs, projects and events. The chamber works closely with the city and organizations in developing a better area for all of us. Some of the Chamber projects include:
Tourist and visitor maps which are developed and upgraded each year. Over 10,000 maps were distributed last year and this year it is expected that more will be distributed. The Chamber also sponsors a Tourist Information Center, located in Crown Hill Shopping Center. This center has a large amount of tourist information in it and is open seven days a week.

The Chamber business guide and visitors guide are mailed out to each inquiry. Thousands of requests are answered with these brochures.

The annual Waterfest brings thousands of visitors to this community each year. Each club, organization, church and individual is invited to participate. This annual event is held on the second Saturday of September.

The Chamber continues to work closely with the city and the; Excelsior Springs Area Development Council in helping to create more businesses, more industry and more jobs.

The Chamber recognizes the importance of a good school system and a good education for our young people. The Chamber works to develop a good image of Education in Excelsior Springs. The Chamber supports our schools.

Legislation at all levels of government is important to the business and professional community and the Chamber represents its members at many meetings, public hearings, etc. The Chamber studies local issues and makes recommendations to its members. The Chamber supports city projects.

Information is important to the business and professional community and the Chamber hosts a number of informational meetings; Eggs and Issue, legislative forums, luncheons, board meetings, committee meetings, Chamber coffees and the Chamber's Annual dinner meeting. Chamber meetings are open to the membership. A monthly Newsletter is sent out to the membership with a calendar of events and chamber information.

Chamber Ambassadors meet and greet new businesses with a ribbon cutting, if the business so requests. Ambassadors also take part in a number of Chamber activities and act as the Chamber's public relations department.

630 has become an important part of many phone numbers in the Excelsior Springs area. Getting toll-free calling between the Excelsior-K.C. exchanges has been a priority of the Chamber for many years. The Chamber has been in attendance at many meetings and hearings, representing the community on this important subject. Individuals and businesses that have a 630 number know that the Chamber has been working for them.

Chamber membership helps the cash register ring. The Chamber's referral program gives Chamber Members a big advantage over non-members. The Chamber refers approximately fifteen hundred prospective customers to Chamber members each year. Part of the chambers referral program consists of the business listing on this Website. We invite you to scan the business directory and we urge you to do business with the firms that are highlighted.

The chamber office is located at 101 East Broadway in downtown Excelsior Springs. Their phone number is (816) 630-6161. If you need assistance or information, please feel free to call or stop in.

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