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Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Excelsior Springs offers the best of urban and small town life combined. Entertainment, shopping and cultural opportunities abound within a convenient distance of the Kansas City metro area.
Excellent access to transportation, an ample, quality work force, outstanding schools and a true quality of life are some advantages of Excelsior Springs.
Designated as a Missouri Enterprise Zone in 1986, the community has been very successful in attracting new businesses and expansion. Our industrial
base ranges from plastic injection to food products. So, whether you prefer to cheer on a top caliber professional baseball team in their home stadium or swing the bat with a local league, Excelsior Springs makes it easy.

Does Your Business Need a Website - Who Should Design It?

Patrick Morgan
Anyone in the business world knows that when someone asks, "What's your website address?" you better have a URL to give them. They don't want to hear "I don't have one yet" or "I'm working on it". Having an established, professional looking website, always scores credibility points for the business owner.
Of utmost importance is far better to not have a website than to have a nonprofessional, cheesy looking site. You will do much more damage to your business by portraying your company in a less than top-notch light.

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