Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Office of The Fire Chief
(816) 630-300
1120 Tracy Avenue
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Accounts Payable
Cindy Parks; Billing Clerk
(816) 630-3000

Bill Stewart; Fire Chief
(816) 630-3000

Ambulance Service Billing
Cindy Parks; Billing Clerk
(816) 630-3000

Emergency Medical Service
Kent Cantrell; Deputy Fire Chief
(816) 630-3000

Fire Safety Inspections
Scott O’Dell; Assistant Chief
(816) 630-3000

Maintenance (Buildings & Equipment)
Joe Maddick, Assistant Chief
(816) 630-3000

Special Events / Public Education
Brad Randall; FF/EMT (PIO)
(816) 630-3000

Fire Training
Paul Tribble; Assistant Chief
(816) 630-3000

The Excelsior Springs Fire Department is a combination department. This means that both full-time and part-time personnel are utilized to accomplish the goal of saving lives and property.

The Fire Department operates four divisions. These divisions include the following:

Fire Operations:
This division is responsible for all fire suppression, rescues, and Hazardous Materials mitigation.
Recreational Burning Application
DNR Open Burning Application
Fire Cadet Program

EMS Operations:
This division is responsible for the ambulance operations as it relates to all emergency and non-emergency situations.
Ambulance Membership Application

Building Inspections:

This division is responsible for the inspection and building code enforcement for all construction activities, both new and remodel, along with the inspections and enforcement activities of the Dangerous Buildings ordinance. This division also assists with the inspection program on rental properties.
Building Permit Application

Fire Inspections:
This division is responsible for the inspection of all commercial structures, schools and other buildings for fire code violations. This division also is involved with rental property inspections.

Department personnel consists of the following:

1 Fire Chief
1 Deputy Fire Chief
17 Full-Time (Fire & EMS Operations)
12 Part-Time (Fire & EMS Operations)
2 Building Inspectors
1 Fire Inspector
1 Full-Time Clerical
1Part-Time Clerical

This department also has the responsibility for the cityâs Emergency Preparedness plan. The goal of a good Emergency Preparedness plan is to provide direction and response to all kinds of disasters either manmade or natural.

In calendar year 1996 the Fire Department responded to a total of 567 Fire incidents, 1792 EMS incidents, issued 318 building permits, enforced the Dangerous Building ordinance 29 times, conducted 462 rental property inspections and over 100 fires safety inspections. For Fiscal Year 96/97, as a cost saving measure, the department began doing their own ambulance service billing. The first year this saved the city over $25,000 in outside contractual work, and this figure will be over $35,000.00 the current fiscal year. Along with these cost savings measures the collection rate is up 40%. In Fiscal Year 96/97 the EMS Division generated revenue of nearly $500,000.00, which all goes back to the General Fund.

Along with these activities the department personnel spent in excess of 2500 hours in training. Department personnel provided many hours of standby EMS coverage at football games, The Waterfest, airport Fly-ins and various other fund raising and charitable activities, all at no cost to the citizens of Excelsior Springs. In addition the department has had a ongoing commitment to the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day fund raising and in 1997 collected over $2500 for Jerryâs kids. You may call us at 630-3000.

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