The City Planning Department....

Office of Planning & Zoning Department
(816) 630-0756
201 East Broadway
Hall of Waters Building
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Administrative Secretary
Shannon Stroud
(816) 630-9567

Director of Planning & Zoning
Dawn Crawford
(816) 630-9594

- updates and maintains the City's comprehensive plan, including transportation, land use, housing, public service, community facilities and other elements

- administers zoning, subdivision and flood plain regulations, and handles amendments to these and related codes

- reviews special use permits such as group care, day care, some commercial recreation and other conditional uses

- advises on annexation and extraterritorial services , and on dedication or vacation of streets, alleys and some easements

- assists in capital improvements and economic development, utility systems, redevelopment, storm water management and neighborhood improvement districts

- helps with site planning and design for construction, sale, lease or use agreements involving City holdings

- helps in review of building and sign permits and occupation licenses, and of land development adjacent to the City

- provides staff services to the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment and other boards on community development matters

- provides some of the staff services for code enforcement, liquor licensing, animal control and other regulatory activities

- maintains maps, aerial photography, demographics and other information related to community growth and change

- helps with City publications, data analysis, public information and community attitude and preference sampling

- works with schools, businesses, institutions and special districts, and with census, housing, conservation, preservation, highway, railroad, utility and other agencies

For more information call 630-0750.

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