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The City of Excelsior Springs currently uses the 2000 editions of the Uniform Fire Code and the Uniform Building Code. Along with these codes we also utilize the 2000 editions of the Uniform Plumbing Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, and the Uniform Housing Code. The 2002 version of the National Electrical Code is the most current code available and is in use in the city.

Along with these codes we also have in place an ordinance on Dangerous Buildings. This ordinance follows the Statutes of the State of Missouri and the 1994 edition of the code on Dangerous Building Abatement

Copies of these codes are available for viewing, in the Office of the City Manager of at the Headquarters Station of the Excelsior Springs Fire Department. The City Managers office is located in the Hall of Waters, in downtown Excelsior Springs at 201 E. Broadway. The Fire Department Headquarters is located at 1120 Tracy, in the Northwest part of the city.

Occupational License Application
Liquor License Application


Property Tax

Income Tax

Sales Tax
Please call the City for current rates

Tax Billing:
Personal property & real estate taxes are billed annually based on the assessed valuation provided by the County. Taxes are billed in October and are due by December 31. They become delinquent and subject to penalties on/after January 1. See Chapter #150 of the City Code for further explanation.

Utility Billing:
The City bills for Water, Sewer & Trash Service only. Service connections may be made by coming to the Finance Office in the Hall of Waters during the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday. See Chapters 700-720 of the City Code for further explanation.
Deposit Required:
Residential $100
Commercial Average of 2 months' bill dtermined by Finance Department or case by case basis.

OMNI Service: Billing is handled by the Transportation Department.

Golf: Contact the course directly for fees & T-times @ (816)630-3731.

Parks & Recreation: The Parks & Recreation Department operates a variety of programs. Please call (816)630-1040 directly for current programs and availability.

Ambulance Service: The City does provide ambulance service on a fee basis. Please contact the Fire Department/EMS at (816)630-3000 to make inquires &/or payments on ambulance billings or subscription services available.

Court: The City does have a staffed Municipal Court. Fines may be paid at the Police Station at 301 S. Main. Please direct questions to (816)630-0209.

Payments may be made at the following locations:

Hall of Waters:
Utilities(water, sewer, trash)
OMNI Service
Occupational License

Fire Station: on Tracy St.
Ambulance Fee

Police Station:
Court Fines

Golf Course:
Golf Fees

Community Center:
Parks/Recreation Fees

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